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Three Defenses Used By The Best Criminal Lawyer In Dallas, Texas

In Texas, the most severe of felony charges are capital and life. The major difference between these felonies is the punishment imposed. While both classifications imply that a malicious or horrific crime has been committed, the nature of the crime determines whether or not the accused faces life imprisonment or death. If you are facing a serious felony, you should hire the Best Criminal Lawyer in Dallas Texas to represent you or you should contact the Law Offices Of Eric Cedillo now.

Defenses for a First-Degree Murder Charge

1. Mental Capacity: A defendant who was mental incapacitated at the time of the crime could utilize such a defense to avoid a conviction. This defense requires the attorney to present conclusive evidence from medical experts to show the nature of their mental state. Temporary insanity would fall into this category, and applies to circumstances in which the individual was exposes to significant trauma prior to committing the crime. PTSD is another defense, which shows the possibility of mental incapacity.

2. Self Defense: Proof that presents that the accused was acting in self-defense can present the possibility of an acquittal. Evidence should show that the victim attacked him or her with the intent to cause severe physical harm or death. Cases that fall within these categories involve the discharge of a firearm, which resulted in the victim’s death. A previous history between the victim and the accused involving domestic violence or other circumstances that could produce the desire to cause harm could serve as the basis of a self-defense case.

3. Mistaken Identity: DNA evidence could prove a case of mistaken identity. An ironclad alibi in which numerous witnesses testify the whereabouts of the accused are useful. Time stamps on surveillance video feeds or photographs with this information places the accused in a different location at the time of the crime.

Building a criminal defense based on circumstance could prove useful in fighting a conviction. Further evidence can lead to a dismissal of all charges. With these effective techniques, the Best Criminal Lawyer in Dallas Texas proves the innocence of their client and prevents him or her from acquiring the highest penalties imposed in the state.

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