Tips To Getting Your Worker’s Compensation Claim Paid in Full

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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The thing with worker’s compensation companies is that they never like paying claims if they can help it. From an outsider’s perspective, they are always looking to weasel out of the claims or minimize the amount to be paid. But if you were hurt while at work, you deserve to be compensated until you are in good enough condition to get back to work. To increase your chances of getting compensated, below are some rules that you should follow. But even as you read these tips, have it in the back of your mind that hiring a professional, Workman’s Compensation Attorney in Charlotte, would be the best way to handle your situation. That said, let’s get into the rules.

Report the injury sustained soonest you can
The rules and regulations of worker’s compensation insurance companies have it that one has to report their work related injuries within 30 days or shorter if possible. But even while failing to report the injury within 30 days may not bar you from filing a claim legally, you should not wait. There are some Worker’s compensation insurers who have been reported to deny claims if employees do not report the injury the moment it happens.

As such, if you do get hurt while at work and think it might get you to miss work, you should report it.

Get witnesses and their full names
If there is anyone you work with who witnessed your accident or saw you before and after, not necessarily seeing the accident happen, you should get their full names. This is just in case the claiming process requires you to avail witnesses to certify that indeed the accident happened while you were at work.

Get the right medical treatment
An accident that is enough to cause you to miss some working days is serious enough to warrant a medical checkup. You should not assume the situation. If you do, the insurance company might assume that you were not hurt in the first place and missing work was just an excuse you made up for whatever reason.

Fill out the accident report forms
Employers with worker’s compensation claims have forms that they need their workers to fill out in the event an accident occurs. Now filling out these forms is not the issue since most people remember to do so, the issue is in filling them out accurately. If you are in too much pain or incapacitated in any way at the time to record accurate information on the form, postpone the process to a later time when you are feeling much better.

Again, hiring a Workman’s Compensation Attorney in Charlotte is the best decision you can make when you find yourself in such a situation. To get one offering the best service, look no further than Wallace Childers. But all the same, the above tips will guide you in ensuring you get your claim paid in full.


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