The Importance Of Having An Immigration Lawyer

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Law

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There are untold numbers of people that dream of the day when they can lawfully immigrate to the US. For many, their dream can become reality with the help of an experienced immigration lawyer in Chicago that can help them get through the maze of complex and confusing laws. It is surprising just how many people try to achieve their goal unaided by a skilled lawyer, especially knowing how important it is to be granted a “green card.” Certainly some applicants do manage to go it alone and succeed in their goal, but the truth is; most do not and as such they face the horrors of removal from the country.

The process is phenomenally complex:

Anyone wishing to be granted permanent residency in the US must apply with the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. It takes far more than completing a simple form. The application form is complex and difficult to understand, there are questions that can really only be answered properly by someone that has an in-depth understanding of complex immigration law.

As important as the application is, it is more important that the applicant review whether or not they are even eligible for permanent residency. As an applicant, you must review the dates that you entered and left the US, the type of visa you have been granted and the history and background of you and your family members.

Time to hire an immigration lawyer:

Only when it has been established that you meet the criteria for a green card should you apply. At this time you should hire an immigration lawyer in Chicago to assist in completing all necessary documentation correctly and to represent you when your application reaches the point where you will face an immigration officer for a probing interview. A decision to grant or deny permanent residency is often made during the interview, the importance of advance preparation cannot be overemphasized.

Being represented by a seasoned immigration lawyer in Chicago can make the difference between success and failure when applying for permanent residency in the US. You are invited to contact Din Law, LLC. Follow us on Google+.

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