Two Reasons to Consult a Divorce Attorney Albuquerque, NM Law Firm When Mediating a Divorce

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Divorce mediation is a good alternative to litigating a marital separation in family court, especially for people who may be strapped for cash. Although a mediator can help couples resolve issues related to the division of marital property and child custody, it’s still a good idea to consult a Divorce Attorney in Albuquerque NM, before, during, and after negotiations. Here are two ways this can be beneficial.

Help Explore All Legal Options

There is more than one way to handle all the different issues associated with divorce, and an attorney can help individuals seeking to separate from their spouses explore all their options. For example, mediation is not legally binding. The mediator simply helps all parties come to an agreement about the issues under dispute. If the couple needs a legal ruling but doesn’t want to go to court, then the attorney may suggest the couple choose arbitration instead.

Understanding all the options available can help the person make the optimal choice about how to proceed when it comes to separating from his or her partner.

Review Written Agreements for Legality and Fairness

Divorce mediators typically have knowledge of applicable laws, but no one is perfect. If the mediation results in a written agreement, it’s wise to have the document reviewed by a practicing attorney before signing it. The attorney can ensure the contract stipulations are legal and represent a fair settlement based on the marital assets available and the circumstances of the breakup.

Again, the recommendations of a mediator are not legally binding, but a contract is. Undoing the terms of a contract can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure the legal agreement is acceptable before committing to it.

While mediation can be immensely helpful in resolving issues related to dissolving a marriage, it’s not for everyone and won’t work in every situation. Getting sound legal advice from a Divorce Attorney Albuquerque NM, law office such as The Carter & Valle Law Firm can keep mistakes at a minimum and help ensure a good outcome to the process. Please visit the website for more information about hiring a divorce attorney.

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