A DWI Lawyer in Salisbury MD can Help Clients Get a Reduced Sentence

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Lawyers

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A first DWI occurs when someone faces DWI charges for the first time. Unlike other sorts of charges, a first DWI is treated strictly and can result in severe consequences. Where a first-time misdemeanor would be treated leniently, a first DWI can result in criminal fines of up to $1000, and six months in county jail. Other consequences include:

* License suspension per the DMV’s policies

* A required drug and alcohol driving course

* A required purchase of SR22 insurance. This type of coverage is for high-risk drivers, and it is costly to keep.

If a DWI results in injury or harm to a passenger or driver, it may result in a defendant’s civil liability. In such a case, the defendant will be required to pay damages to compensate the plaintiff for their losses.

Proving a DWI

Maryland prosecutors must prove a person’s first DWI. In these cases, the state must prove the following facts:

* Probable cause on the part of the arresting officer

* The lawfulness of the arrest

* That the defendant violated DWI law by driving with a too-high BAC, or that the defendant refused breath or chemical testing

Proving a DWI in Maryland can be relatively simple. Most evidence comes from chemical test results, and from witness testimony.

Alternative Sentences for First DWI Offenses

There are alternatives to harsh sentences for DWI first offenders. Diversion programs are sometimes available, and they include weekend community service, mandatory counseling, and other substitutes for the time in jail. These remedies aren’t available in all cases, and defendants may need a DWI Lawyer in Salisbury MD to request a program. However, these programs can be beneficial in keeping the defendant’s criminal record clean, and in helping the person retain their driver’s license.

Hire a Lawyer for a First-Time DWI Offense

It can be challenging to handle a DWI case for the first time, and most defendants would be best served by hiring Marc A. Zeve PA Attorney At Law. A DWI attorney can give a client legal advice, and they can determine whether an alternative sentence is available. DWI laws vary by jurisdiction, and clients should call a DWI Lawyer in Salisbury MD for answers to specific questions.

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