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Types of Cases Handled by a Premises Liability Attorney in Des Moines, IA

Injuries due to unsafe conditions on a property happen more often at commercial establishments than at residential settings. When someone is hurt because the property owner or manager did not take care of a safety issue, the organization may be sued under a legal concept known as premises liability. A premises liability attorney in Des Moines, IA is familiar with the range of circumstances that cause these incidents.

Premises Liability

The idea behind premises liability is that people should be able to expect safety when they come to a property. That safety requirement is the responsibility of the property owner or the person in charge of the building and grounds. In many cases, the person in charge is renting commercial space from a building owner. The responsible party may also be a property management firm or building manager.

The Most Common Accidents

The most common accidents on commercial properties are slipping and falling or tripping and falling. An outdoor surface may be slippery with ice, and an indoor floor may be slick because it’s wet. Merchandise left lying on floors creates a tripping hazard, and so do uneven surfaces and tears in carpeting.

Other Incidents

Other accidents are less common but still cause serious injuries. Cases handled by a premises liability attorney in Des Moines, IA may involve heavy unsecured merchandise falling from an overhead shelf. Lack of security or poor lighting may be viewed as the main reason a burglary occurred outside the building.

Accidents involving vehicles sometimes occur on commercial properties. This cannot always be categorized as premises liability, but lawyers do find instances where this applies. Poor parking lot design, for instance, may be blamed for an incident in which a driver hits a pedestrian or bicyclist.

How Lawyers Help

Lawyers from organizations such as Dutton & Drake help clients receive fair compensation from the business owner’s insurance company if they suffer an accident on the property. They provide aggressive representation if the insurer is denying the claim or offering an unreasonably low settlement. The insurance company may try to blame the injured person for the incident by alleging distraction or carelessness while moving through the building or walking outside. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

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