Building A Criminal Defense In Wichita, KS For A Domestic Violence Case

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Law

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In Kansas, it is often the case that the laws designed to protect the innocent are abused by those with a hidden agenda. This is the case with domestic violence. Too often allegations turn out to be nothing more than an attempt to hinder the lives of a former romantic partner. This is why it is urgent for you to hire an attorney to build a Criminal Defense in Wichita KS and investigate these allegations further.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is often mistaken for altercations. For instance, the definition of domestic violence is the intention of bodily harm among household members. This could include assault, abuse, or other forms of physical harm. Disagreements and harassing phone calls are not classified as domestic violence when physical injuries are not sustained.

What are the Effects of Domestic Violence Charges?

If you are convicted of domestic violence, it is likely that an order of protection is issued by the judge. This order outlines conditions that you must meet, or you will face prosecution. The terms could limit your ability to visit your children. A conviction could also prevent you from ever owning firearms again.

Your career outlook could be hindered as well. Employers often frown upon applicants with a history of violence and view them as a potential risk in the work environment. The circumstances of the charge could also produce a felony, which could reduce your odds of acquiring gainful employment successfully.

Assessing the Evidence

With domestic violence cases, it is often necessary for the prosecutor to acquire physical evidence that links the accused to the victim. In physical altercations, it is more likely that DNA evidence is transferred. However, the prosecutor must prove that the accused intended to harm the victim, or they do not have a domestic violence case.

By understanding the laws that apply to domestic violence, you learn how to fight against allegations made by a household member. The impact of a conviction could hinder your life significantly. For this reason, it is vital that your attorney chooses a Criminal Defense in Wichita KS that discredits the claims made against you. If you need to hire an attorney for your case

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