What an Overtime Wage and Hour Lawyer Can Do for You

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Attorney

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Oak Brook wage and hour lawyers are capable of taking cases across a large number of wage and employment-related issues for employees. Many of these people have been forced to work off-the-clock, been underpaid, or were denied overtime pay. The attorneys who specialize in wage and hours are professionals who are dedicated to helping workers who weren’t pair properly in fighting for what they deserve.

Common Industries with Violations

Industries of all sorts may be involved in improper payment, but some are more likely to do so than others. Many employees who have been subject to violations of wage and hour laws include the following:

  • Call center employees
  • Gas and oil field workers
  • IT workers
  • Installation professionals
  • Healthcare workers
  • Mortgage brokers and personal bankers
  • Retail employees
  • Sales representatives
  • Service technicians
  • Tipped employees

Those who have a job in the industries on this list should be vigilant and aware of their hours and the wages they receive. If you were paid improperly or were denied overtime, Oak Brook wage and hours lawyers can often help you.

Types of Cases

There is no end to the methods that employers use to shortchange employees that are violating state or federal law. Your boss may state that you can’t be paid while going to meetings or putting on safety equipment, when you should be. You may be told you aren’t qualified for overtime without express permission to work overtime, but this is also not true.

Employees must be paid for every hour they work. Any time you are working in a way that benefits your employer, you deserve to be paid. This includes when checking emails at home, when attending safety training, when taking short breaks, when putting on equipment, and when you are on-call.

If your time isn’t being tracked correctly, this can also lead to improper wages and is a major problem. You should always double-check your paychecks and make sure you are paid for all time at work and receive the proper payment for overtime.

Speak With a Professional

If you have been improperly paid for your work or denied overtime pay, Cesario & Walker can help you. We can assist you in filing a lawsuit against your employer and allow you to collect compensation in the form of lost wages.

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