What Information Does a Criminal Defense Attorney in Grand Forks, ND Need?

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Criminal Attorney

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The first meeting with a criminal defense attorney can be a bit intimidating. The person has been arrested and is likely worried about whether they’ll be found guilty and how the arrest will impact their future. Those who are getting ready to meet with a criminal defense attorney in Grand Forks, ND for the first time will want to make sure they’re prepared to get as much as possible out of the consultation.

The Arrest Report

The arrest report is written by the arresting officers and should be available within a few days after the arrest. This is crucial for the attorney to get a better idea of the officer’s side of what occurred and is often a valuable piece of evidence. The attorney will want to review this carefully when they meet with the arrested person for the first time.

An Honest Assessment of What Happened

The person should be prepared to tell the attorney exactly what happened. They will need to be completely honest with the lawyer, because the more the lawyer knows about the situation, the more they can do to help. If they are afraid they will forget details or worry they might be nervous and leave out something important, they might want to create a bullet list of what happened to bring with them to the consultation.

Any Questions They Have

The arrested person will likely have quite a few questions beyond what the attorney thinks they can do to get a better outcome. It’s crucial for the person to write down any questions they might have so they will not forget any of them while they’re speaking with the attorney. It’s easy to get off track a little bit while discussing the case, and this could mean they’ll need to call the attorney later if they realize they forgot to ask something.

With the above information prepared before the consultation, the person can make the most of their meeting with a criminal defense attorney in Grand Forks, ND and can get the answers they need to determine if they’ll want to hire an attorney and what they’ll need to do going forward. Browse our website to learn more or to schedule a consultation with an attorney today.

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