Finding A Federal Criminal Defense Attorney to Prove Innocence

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Criminal Attorney

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When someone has been convicted of a crime they did not commit, they will most likely want to hire a federal criminal defense attorney to prove that they are innocent. There are several steps one can take to try to convince a judge and jury that they did not commit the crime they are being accused of doing.

It is important for the accused to rely on their federal criminal defense attorney in Portland, OR throughout the case. They should tell them any information they believe could both hurt or help their case so the attorney can figure out what path to follow in proving innocence. Even if something appears unfavourable to their case, it should be conveyed to the attorney.

Witnesses are key in helping someone prove innocence. The person being accused should try their best to obtain names and addresses of anyone who may be able to prove they were not the person who had committed the crime. If there were no witnesses available at the time the crime had been committed, then other forms of information can be used to prove innocence. Perhaps an ATM machine was accessed at the time the crime was committed. Maybe there is a paper trail with credit card receipts showing the person was not in the area where the crime was committed. Phone records and GPS tracking software may be able to prove innocence as well.

If the crime was committed in a public location, there may be surveillance tapes available to prove innocence. It is important to check with any neighboring properties to see if they had cameras set up pointed toward the area where the crime was committed as they may show a bit of evidence to be used in court.

When someone needs a federal criminal defense attorney to help prove they did not commit a crime they are being accused of doing, they should give a call to a reputable lawyer in their area or have their family check out website to do research on a great attorney. An appointment can then be made to have someone go to the prison to start the process of proving innocence.

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