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When to Contact an Attorney for a Passenger

When a car accident occurs, it is important to assess the damage and injuries, if any. If you are driving the car with and the passenger in the vehicle with you is injured, it is important to contact a Lyft accident attorney. The passenger has different rights than the driver, and it is imperative to understand when and why an attorney should be contacted in these cases.

Understanding Who is at Fault

While they may be different, passengers have rights just as much as drivers. However, there are clauses in law that claim injured passengers as having certain rights while drivers have none. The subject of responsibility can be a tricky one, especially in accidents where both parties blame one another. Therefore, when an accident that causes an injury or damage occurs, calling an attorney will answer any questions about who has rights and who is at fault.

For example, if the driver was driving the passenger’s car and an accident occurs, the driver is legally responsible for paying half of the cost for the accident. According to Lyft accident attorneys, the passenger is not at fault and is legally entitled to the recovery of the damages in full. He or she could even sue both drivers, especially if severe injuries occurred. Calling an attorney can help the drivers and passengers establish who is responsible for the accident, and who has rights and what they are.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

When accidents occur, especially when the passenger is severely injured, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. Once the incident is reported, the insurance companies of both parties will assign an adjuster to settle the claim. Studies have shown that parties who hire a lawyer usually walk away with more money in their pocket.

Understand that the attorney’s job is to work in your favor, therefore hiring one will help when it is time to give a statement to the adjuster, who will try to question you in a way that lines the insurance company’s pockets. Passenger victims can often seek compensation in order to pay for any damages he or she received in the accident. Contacting an attorney will protect the passenger and their rights.

When an accident occurs, drivers are not the only ones who have rights. Passengers in the vehicle who have been injured can and should contact a Lyft accident attorney to understand their rights in an accident as well as their ability to seek compensation for personal damages.

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