When You Might Need A Car Accident Lawyer In Charleston SC

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Lawyer

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In many states, people involved in automobile accidents need to evaluate the extent of any injuries and property damage to determine whether a lawsuit can be filed. Typically, the lawsuit can only be filed if the damages exceed the amount of insurance coverage the party at fault has or if the person was severely impaired. A Car Accident Lawyer in Charleston SC wants potential clients to know that South Carolina looks more favorably on injured clients than some other states. Here is what parties injured in car accidents in South Carolina should know.

The Laws Regarding Car Accidents

In South Carolina, most car accidents lawsuits do not make it to trial but are settled between the client’s lawyer and the insurance company. There are three options for handling these cases, though: settling, arbitration, or alternative dispute resolutions, with the latter taking longer to settle. Injured parties have the option to file a lawsuit right away, but it is recommended that they wait until they have found out the extent of any injuries and after their physical condition has been stabilized.

More about the Laws Regarding Car Accidents

Plaintiffs in car accident lawsuits have the potential to be awarded economic damages, such as for medical expenses, property damage, and the loss of wages. They also may be awarded non-economic damages for issues such as disfigurement and pain and suffering, and jurors are also allowed to award punitive damages as well. The idea behind the punitive damages is to punish the offender for the injuries suffered by the plaintiff in situations such as intending to have the accident with the other driver. An attorney can advise clients best on the handling of the lawsuit and compensation issues.

An Attorney in Charleston SC

People who are involved in car accidents can find competent lawyers and law firms to represent them in the area. Phipps Law Firm is a law firm that represents clients involved in automobile accidents. If a person wants to consult with a Car Accident Lawyer in Charleston SC, the law firm is available.

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