Who Sits at the Table Next to the Real Estate Closing Attorney in Martinsburg, WV, and Why That Matters

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Real Estate Attorney

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The closing table of any real estate transaction is often the beginning of the end. It is its own trialing process. A closing attorney in Martinsburg, WV is a significant and pivotal asset, especially when the real estate transaction is huge and a number of parties all have their hands in the transaction. This is sometimes by necessity, and sometimes as additional and unwarranted obstacles.

Who else is at the table with the buyer, the seller, and the closing attorneys? Who is at the table, and why, could have a big impact on the ease of the sale and closing process.

Who Is Almost Always Present?

A real estate transaction requires three party members at an absolute minimum. This is the seller, the buyer, and the title agent. The title agent oversees the documentation of the sale. They represent the title company in providing written evidence of ownership and the transfer of ownership.

They are a non-bias party. They also confirm the deal is occurring legally, including any required tax payments, the release of easement or liens, the payment of fees, and other complications that could arise.

Who May Not Be at the Table?

As common as it is, a real estate agent may not necessarily be at the closing table. It is usually expected, and most agents want to be present at the end of the deal, but it is not essential.

Another party that may not be at the table is the seller’s attorney. It is possible for one party to have an attorney and the other to not. It is possible that they are confident in the arrangement, sold or bought homes prior, or are licensed themselves.

If the deal was not perfectly smooth in the beginning (and it really is) a closing attorney in Martinsburg, WV is pretty valuable. And they are virtually necessary if the selling party has an attorney present.

A buyer or seller can add an attorney at any stage of the real estate transaction. There is no law that says a client must have disclosed an attorney right away or have them “ready to go” in the beginning. When complications arise and there are no easy answers, an attorney is a valuable tool. Visit website domain for more information about managing the closing process.

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