Why and How to Mount a Successful Drug Defense in Rockwall TX

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Attorney

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Even while other states are loosening up their laws, and in some cases outright legalizing certain substances, Texas remains notoriously tough on illegal drugs. The state’s conservative nature means that it is likely to remain a straggler in this respect, much to the detriment of those who are caught using or selling narcotics. That means a strong Drug Defense in Rockwall TX will continue to remain the best way of all of avoiding the penalties that might otherwise be levied.

Even for those who are only accused of simple possession, the long-term effects of a conviction can be starkly negative. Despite the fact that most crimes of this class are misdemeanors elsewhere, in Texas, even simple possession can merit a felony charge. Given that felony charges will disqualify most people from a wide range of jobs and living arrangements, mounting a successful Drug Defense in Rockwall TX is typically important even for those who are only accused of possession.

For those who are suspected of selling or distributing drugs, of course, the stakes are even higher. Some of these crimes have resulted in sentences of twenty years or more in recent times, a long stretch even when the possibility of a reduced sentence is taken into account. The outcome of a Drug Defense in Rockwall TX, then, can actually have an impact on the quality and kind of life the accused enjoys for decades, and it quite frequently does.

Because of this, lawyers like those at the Law Offices of Tim Hartley increasingly emphasize fighting every charge from the beginning. Only those who make a real show of refusing to roll over, many attorneys and experts have found, have a chance of arriving at acceptable plea bargains in the long run. With a scant 2% of all cases ever even making it to trial, then, ensuring that the prosecutor in charge respects a particular defendant’s commitment to fighting is invariably of the utmost importance.

Those who simply go with the legal flow, as is sometimes advised, typically find themselves wishing they had opted otherwise, in the end. With so much at stake, it only makes sense to seek every avenue to freedom. Click here to learn more.

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