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Three Critical Duties of an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Tucson.

Negligence refers to the failure of an individual or entity to meet the acceptable levels of care and this includes failure to concentrate while operating a motor vehicle. Research indicates that most motor vehicle accidents are caused by the irresponsibility or carelessness of most drivers. If one is involved in an auto accident that was due to the negligence of the other driver, they might be entitled to some form of compensation. The process of fighting for compensation can be long and complicated, especially if one does not have an adequate understanding of the personal injury law but by hiring the services of a proficient automobile accident lawyer in Tucson, one can be sure that their rights will be protected throughout the entire legal proceedings and claim process. Here are the three critical duties of experienced automobile accident lawyers at Price and Price Law Office.

Planning for the Case

A proficient auto accident attorney can help the injured person to plan and prepare for the case well. The lawyer will first review the details of the crash, and establish the fault of the other driver. They will inform the injured victim about their rights and after letting them know if they have a worthy case, the lawyer will prepare the final pretrial statements from the claiming party, witnesses, and the defenses. They will also organize instructions the judge will use while deciding the case.

Calculating the Amount of Compensation

An experienced auto accident lawyer will help the injured person to determine the amount they should receive as compensation. In this stage, the lawyer will work closely with other professionals to establish the nature of the injuries and project the total loss caused by the accident in order to make sure that the injured individual receives compensation for the paid and unpaid medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, distress caused by the incident and the loss of future earning capacity.

Obtaining Evidence for the Case

A competent automobile accident lawyer knows the kind of evidence needed to prove the negligence of the other driver. They will make sure that the medical report indicates the seriousness and extent of the injuries and also help the victim get a good workplace report and police report.

These are just some of the critical roles played by a proficient automobile accident lawyer in Tucson.

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