Why Hiring an Automobile Accidents Lawyer in Crowley, LA Can Be Advantageous

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Attorney

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When someone has been seriously injured in a vehicle collision, this person should not hesitate to consult with an automobile accidents lawyer in Crowley, LA. Free consultations are provided and the individual is not obligated to hire the lawyer. During the appointment, the person can ask questions about the case and learn how to realize when an insurance company offers a settlement that is too low.

Negotiating a Settlement

When that low settlement offer is made, the injured person can decide whether to hire an automobile accidents lawyer in Crowley, LA to negotiate a higher amount. These attorneys protect the rights of clients and make sure injured persons receive the money they deserve. In this way, justice is done, and it usually does not have to result in a jury trial. Fair settlements nearly always are negotiated outside of court.

Undermining the Case

In many situations, insurance companies are entirely fair and cooperative when helping claimants. Some, however, may try to undermine the claimant’s case in various ways. It can be difficult to convince the adjuster to offer more money without professional legal representation. Another advantage is being able to release the stress of having to argue with insurance adjusters and continuing to worry how the case will turn out. Handing the reins to an attorney makes life much easier.

Determining Level of Fault

The insurance company adjusters base their settlement offer after an investigation of the accident, including evaluating the fault of each driver. If the injured driver is considered to be partially at fault, that can translate into a lower settlement offer. An accident lawyer such as Chris Richard conducts an independent investigation of the case and how much responsibility the plaintiff actually had in the collision.

Investigating the Facts

An investigation by the law firm needs all medical records and police records related to the collision. The lawyer or paralegal may interview the client’s doctors and any witnesses of the accident. The client must communicate honestly with the lawyer and not leave out any details, since the insurance company may already know that information. To schedule a consultation, a person can start with the website Chrisrichardattorney.com. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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