Why is a personal injury protection attorney in Tampa necessary?

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A PIP lawyer generally represents medical providers who offer treatment to individuals involved in auto accidents. Insurance providers reduce their payouts by underpaying and/or improperly paying doctors. Likewise, insurance providers withhold payments to doctors while performing peer reviews, independent medical exams and the like. Our objective as PIP lawyers includes ensuring rapid payment of every medical bill which were timely submitted by medical professionals.

Step one of our in-depth process includes sending demand letters out to the insurance provider to ask for payment of overdue, unpaid, and/or underpaid medical services and treatment done by the providers. If an insurance provider doesn’t make the proper payment within 1 month of the demand letter, we’ll initiate litigation. Step one in the process of litigation includes filing a complaint in small claims or county court. The process of pre-litigation equally is as critical as the litigation phase of a case. Within litigation, we go to depositions, hearings, independent medical exams, exams under oath, and so on, on behalf of and occasionally with our medical professional clientele. If both parties do not have the ability to reach an agreement as to the quantity of benefits owed to a medical professional, or do not have the ability to reach a settlement agreement, a jury trial is established.

A PIP attorney is an advocate of both medical patients and medical providers. Our aim includes ensuring that dentists, doctors, chiropractors, etc. are correctly paid for the crucial services they offer to their patients. We’ll ensure that individuals are treated after accidents, in spite of the possibility of non-payments, underpayment, or improper payments from insurance providers. It’s important that you call a PIP lawyer to deal with all possible PIP issues which might arise.


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