Learn More About the Atlantic County Disability Application

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Lawyers

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In Atlantic County, you can apply for social security disability insurance by calling your local SSA office and following their instructions. You can also use forms that are available online. You can fill them out and bring them in to the SSA office when you’re done with them.

As you are preparing your application, make sure you have the essentials ready, like your social security number and your driver’s license. This will help when it comes to proving your age. You will also need contact information for your doctors, caseworkers, and nurses who have treated you for your disability. Make sure you have detailed information about all of your health practitioners, especially the dates your appointments were. Also make sure you have your medical records handy. This includes test results from the lab, other reports from clinics and therapists, and all of the methods of treatment you have used. Also, be prepared to provide information about where you work and your overall career.

Keep in mind that just knowing how to apply for SSI in Atlantic County is not enough. There are about 12 million people who go through the application process every single year, and about 70% of the claims don’t go through in the initial process. It typically takes about four to six months to process a single claim. The appeal process takes just as long. So, cases overall can take as long as a year and half when it really comes down to it.

If you want to accelerate your claim application, make sure you continue to get consistent medical treatment and care throughout your claim period. This will help your claim go through in the long run because it will aid in justifying your claim with doctor’s opinions. When asked, you will need to provide as much medical evidence as you can. This will help validate your case as much as possible.

Make sure you confirm with your doctor that you claims are correct before submitting them for consideration and approval. Give your case examiner as many details as possible so that he or she can help you out.

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