Why Should a Father Hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Frederick?

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Legal

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There is some controversy regarding gender bias in family courts. While it is true that family courts aren’t supposed to use a person’s gender against them, there is some research that shows fathers do face gender bias in family courts. What can fathers do to get justice?

Getting Legal Help

The first thing that a father needs to do is to seek out the help of a child custody lawyer in Frederick. A father who doesn’t have legal representation while having a case in family court is at a serious disadvantage. Fathers shouldn’t assume they will get justice just because they are a great dad and play by all the rules.

Realistic Expectations

When a father is facing a custody battle in family court, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Just because a father demands full custody of their child doesn’t mean they will get it. Also, even if they get joint custody, they probably won’t get physical custody of their child. A father can schedule an appointment to go over their particular situation and get a better idea of what results to expect.

Avoiding a Nasty Battle

If a father is worried about gender bias in family court, it is vital that they avoid getting into an ugly custody battle. Being on friendly terms with the mother of the child will help the father in court. When two parents get along, the mother is less likely to seek harsh conditions for the father. Even if they are on friendly terms, the father still needs a child custody lawyer in Frederick.

Being Respectable

If a father wishes to increase their odds of having a favorable outcome, they need to be respectable both inside and outside of the courtroom. A father who doesn’t carry himself correctly in the courtroom is just asking for trouble. Posts on social media that present a bad image can also hurt a father’s chances in family court.

While there are advocates that say fathers face gender bias in family court, there are others who say there isn’t any bias. Nevertheless, it is always for the best to have a lawyer by their side.

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