Here’s The Right Way To Yield to Emergency Vehicles to Avoid A Citation

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Legal

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You’re driving along jamming to a song when you hear a siren wailing. It isn’t in the song. You look in your mirror to see a fire truck bearing down on you. You’re gridlocked with nowhere to go. What should you do? Read on to find out how to properly yield to emergency vehicles.

Never Just Stop In Place

Remember that an emergency vehicle is responding to an emergency. It could mean someone’s life if the vehicle is slowed down by traffic. If you stop in place, the emergency vehicle has to slow down enough to get around you, taking time away from the person in danger or in a medical emergency. The vehicle is going too fast just to stop.

Never Go Left

Did you know that the left lane is designated for emergency vehicles? If it is safe to do so, you should pull over to the right to let the vehicle pass. If you can’t go right, drive on a little until you can safely pull to the right.

Move Over

If an emergency vehicle such as a police car is stopped on the road, look before you move, but move away and into the next lane to give the police officer or other motorists a wide range of space. Failure to move over could be cited, and you may get a ticket. Know more about the “Move Over” law (Scott’s Law).


The smart move when you’re stopped in an intersection is to remain there. If you can do so safely, move through the intersection and pull over to the right. This gives the emergency vehicle a chance to get around you.

Wondering more about how to properly yield to an emergency vehicle so you don’t get a citation? The professionals at in Chicago will be happy to help you out when you call them to learn more.

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