Why You Need a Colorado Springs Lawyer if You Are Divorcing in the Military

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Getting a divorce can be a very frustrating process. However, this is even more true when you are serving in the military. For this reason, you must hire a military divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO if you feel that your marriage is over. There are plenty of reasons why this is highly suggested.

Help With Understanding Loss Of Benefits

The loss of military benefits is one thing that many non-military spouses do not comprehend when they first file for divorce. Such things as loss of housing are one such matter that will happen very quickly and you will want the best family law attorney in Colorado Springs, CO to help find suitable housing solutions. After the divorce is complete, you will have to find a place to live almost immediately, generally within 30 days of the divorce becoming official.

Child Support

Negotiation of child support is very important in the case of military divorces. This is because, without the help of a military divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO, there is very little that the military can directly do without a court order spelling out exactly what is demanded in terms of support.

Custody Issues

Seeking appropriate custody of children can be quite tricky when it comes to a military divorce. The best family law attorney in Colorado Springs, CO is experienced in these matters and can help to come up with a schedule that is in the best interest of the children.

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