Workers Compensation Attorneys Help Accident Victims

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Law

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When workers in New Jersey are injured on the job, they could be entitled to workers compensation benefits. In many situations, a person who has been injured needs to focus their attention on recovering. An experienced workers compensation attorney in Garden Grove can relieve the stress associated with trying to get benefits that are deserved.

Notify Employer
The injured individuals must notify their employer within 90 days after the accident. An attorney can make certain this time limit is met. They will know what documentation is required to make the notification official. When this is done correctly, it will decrease the chances of an employer or insurance company disputing a workers compensation claim.

Claim Denied
It is possible to have a claim for workers compensation wrongfully denied. An attorney will know how to succeed in the appeal process. It could involve filing a formal claim with the Division of Workers’ Compensation. A formal claim petition must be done within two years after the injury or receipt of the last compensation payment. This happens when an insurer or an employer stops providing disability benefits or medical services.

Judge Of Compensation
An attorney will know how to represent an accident victim during a hearing before a judge of Compensation to appeal a claim denial. This hearing is informal and an attorney for an accident victim will meet with representatives of the insurance company and/or employer. The judge involved will provide suggestions to resolve the dispute that are non-binding.

Binding Decision
A binding decision can be made by filing a formal claim with the Division of Workers Compensation, where an attorney can present evidence to support the accident victims argument. In some situations, if a claim is still denied, it’s possible for a workers compensation attorney in Garden Grove to appeal it to a federal appellate court.

Anyone who is injured on the job in New Jersey is entitled to workers compensation benefits. It’s important to know what to expect during the process. This can make it a stress-free experience. If you have a question about your workers compensation claim, contact the Law Offices Norman J. Homen.

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