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Your Bankruptcy Attorney in Schumburg and Unpaid Child Support-How He or She Can Be of Help

Have you gotten behind on your child support? Many fathers have done so, not because they don’t want to support their children, but because they have run into financial difficulties in other areas of life. The arrears may accumulate as a result of a medical crisis, the loss of a job, or other pressing issues.

Although you may be trying to get a day in court to have the amount you must pay reduced, it has yet to come around and you keep getting further and further behind. Friends and family might recommend that you file for bankruptcy to get rid of the arrears. As a Bankruptcy Attorney in Schaumburg will tell you, however, filing for bankruptcy won’t help in this respect.

Bankruptcy will not erase past due child support, but it can help you with these back payments in other ways. If you opt to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court will work with you to find a reasonable repayment plan, one which takes into account any changes in your financial situation. Although this won’t help with upcoming payments and you still must wait to ask a judge to reduce your monthly obligation, it will provide you with some much needed relief.

In addition, filing for bankruptcy can help to restructure other debts, such as medical debt or credit card debt. This may help to relieve some of the stress in your life and make it easier for you to support your child. If you are like most parents, you want to take care of your child properly. Filing for bankruptcy can help you to do this.

Furthermore, when you file for bankruptcy, this will stop any wage garnishments, including those related to child support arrears. This will help you to make current child support payments also. There may be other options to consider, however, ones that can possibly provide relief.

Before you make any decisions as to what to do regarding unpaid child support, it’s best to sit down with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Schaumburg. He or she can discuss these options and find the solution that best meets your needs. You’ll find that taking this first step will help to reduce a lot of your stress, allowing you to think clearly and evaluate all options carefully. That’s what you need to do in a situation such as this. Get more information by visiting

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