Your Custody Attorney in Reading PA Will Work Hard for You

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Legal Services

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If you have recently lost custody of your children for whatever reason, it is important to know that there may still be a chance for you to get them back. Of course, there are some situations in which this isn’t possible. Depending on what it is that you have done, a Custody Attorney in Reading PA may be able to help you. Before you get discouraged by everything that has gone on, you are going to want to set up an appointment with an attorney who can go over your case with you and let you know right away what needs to happen.

If you lost custody of your kids because you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you are going to have to prove that you are sober. This is usually something that will be done through a drug test. It is also usually something that you will have to provide proof of. If you have been in rehabilitation, someone will have to verify this for you.

If you were physically or mentally abusive to your children, you may not be able to get them back. This is something that your Custody Attorney in Reading PA should be able to help you to know more about. Keep in mind, you are going to have to go to court for your case. At this point, you will stand in front of the judge and let him know why you have made the choices that you have made. This way, he can make an informed decision as to whether or not he is going to give you your children back.

Of course, the judge isn’t going to give you your kids if you don’t have a place for them to live and a way to support them. This is something that your Custody Attorney in Reading PA will be able to explain a little better. Make sure that you are ready to bring your children home with you. Of course, this will only encourage the judge. It won’t guarantee anything. When you have an attorney on your side, the chances of you getting your children back will be increased. Visit Ebner Nevins & McAllister for more information.

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