A Child Support Attorney in Stroudsburg, PA Tells Potential Clients About Child Support Facts

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Attorney

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When people are going through a divorce, many variables come into place. One of the variables that might come up involves children. Deciding who will get the children becomes part of the argument during divorce court. Also, the process of obtaining child support for the child or children comes into play. During a divorce, the most important factor in the process is what is in the best interest of the child or children. A child support attorney in Stroudsburg, PA helps clients handle these factors during divorce proceedings. These are some of the things a potential client should know about child support.

Child support is often fought because of the financial responsibility one parent feels the other should be paying. However, it isn’t up to the parent about who will pay the child support. The judge will order this depending on who they think is in a better position to do so. Generally, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the parent who was not awarded child custody. Pennsylvania law allows for another caregiver other than the parent to file for child support.

In an average case, child support is paid until the child is 18 years old. There are circumstances where the situation could be different. The child support could be continued if the child is disabled. There could also be an order for payments to continue if the child is continuing school beyond high schools, such as undergraduate school or vocational school. The courts will also decide how much child support should be paid based on the income of the parents, and reasonable needs the child would have. The court will also base decisions on other circumstances, such as medical needs that insurance will not cover.

There is an attorney in the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania area which represents clients with all kinds of family law issues. These issues include, but are not limited to, divorce, separation, child custody and child support. The clients should ensure that the attorneys they select are qualified to handle their case. If a potential client is in need of a child support attorney in Stroudsburg, PA, they can visit the website, www.conradattorneys.com. There, a client can schedule an appointment.

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