A Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Muskegon MI can Help Clients Get a Fair Settlement

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Lawyers

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A trucking accident can be a serious situation. These accidents typically occur at very high speeds, and they involve some of the biggest vehicles on the road. Injuries and property damage suffered in these accidents can be substantial, and victims should hire a truck accident attorney for legal representation. To protect the client’s interests, is will ask questions about the victim, their vehicle, their injuries and the circumstances of the accident. Below are five kinds of information that can help during an initial consultation with an attorney.

Details on the Company and the Driver

The victim and their attorney should know the name of the company that employs the at-fault driver, and they should know that person’s name as well. The truck’s license number and other identifying details, as well as the driver’s CDL number and other associated companies, will also prove useful. Victims and their legal counsel should do some research on the trucking company and the driver before starting the case.

Accident Details

To successfully prove the case, the injured party, and their Trucking Accidents Lawyer need to know how the accident happened and whether a police report was filed. If the driver was issued traffic citations, or if there is video or photographic evidence, those factors will be instrumental in the victim’s claim. For accidents where more than two vehicles were involved, the victim should gather the names and contact information of other drivers and witnesses. The place the accident occurred is a factor, as is the physical condition of the road.

Medical Records

A trucking accident can have lifelong consequences for a victim, and they can leave a person unable to perform normal activities. To document a claim, a lawyer will use medical records from after the accident. An immediate diagnosis and the nature of the medical treatment are important, and courts will also consider the victim’s X-rays and follow-up treatments.

The information given in this guide can help a client maximize the time spent in a to in Muskegon MI. The client should bring this checklist, as well as a file containing relevant records, documents and photographs when meeting the attorney.

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