An Experienced Criminal Attorney in Charles Town WV Will Protect Your Rights

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Lawyers

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Most of us lead lives such that it’s hard to imagine that we will ever require the services of a criminal attorney in Charles Town, WV; however, there may be extraordinary circumstances where we might behave in a manner that is atypical for us and we may make some questionable decisions. Also, our justice system is not a flawless mechanism and police officers and others are just as prone to making mistakes as the rest of us. Whatever the causes, if you should find yourself arrested, booked, and charged with a crime, you should immediately exercise your right to legal representation and acquire the services of an experienced criminal attorney to protect your rights and be your voice in legal matters. He will use all of his skill and all of the resources at his disposal in order to secure a favorable result for you.

The process will begin with an initial consultation with your attorney where you can give an account of the facts of your case. In many instances this first meeting will be free of charge if you hire the attorney the same day. One of the things that most individuals are not aware of is that there are numerous different legal challenges that can be made to the charges brought against a person. Each challenge can be raised in an effort to create as strong a case as possible for you. The overall goals of your attorney will be to get the charges against you dropped, keep your record clean, and preclude any loss of your freedom. While working diligently to build your defense, your attorney will also continue to negotiate on your behalf in an attempt to get the charges against you reduced. If jail time begins to look like a real possibility, he will seek alternatives such as community service, home detention, or enrollment in an appropriate program of professional counseling.

When you’re in need of a capable Criminal Attorney in Charles Town WV, Bottner and Skillman Attorneys at Law will put all of their resources toward your defense with superior legal representation. They know that everyone is entitled to justice and will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve while you go through this stressful time in your life.

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