Carefully Choose Your Criminal Lawyer in Rochester MN

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Legal Services

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The majority of people in Minnesota have no experience with the criminal justice system. When a person gets arrested, they are at a significant disadvantage so it is important to hire a Criminal Lawyer in Rochester MN as soon as possible to explain the process and ensure the defendant’s rights are protected from the time they are arrested until the end of their trial.

All lawyers have the ability to defend a client who is accused of a crime. However, choosing a lawyer who focuses on criminal law can make navigating the system easier. A Criminal Lawyer in Rochester MN is more likely to know who to talk to when they want to negotiate a plea agreement for a client and which judges tend to impose the harshest sentences.

The place to find a lawyer is typically not an Internet search. To find the a great lawyer, a defendant should talk to other people who have found themselves in similar legal problems and ask not only who they used as a lawyer, but how well their lawyer represented them. Defendants who are serious about finding a good lawyer to defend them may consult with several attorneys before hiring one. It is important to choose a lawyer who has the skills and experience to litigate their case.

Defendants should not expect to have to a trial. Most criminal cases are settled between the Criminal Lawyer in Rochester MN and the prosecuting attorney before the trial date. While there is only a small likelihood that each case will be presented to a judge or jury, it is important to choose a lawyer with the courtroom experience necessary to get their client acquitted of the charges.

When an acquittal isn’t possible, a Criminal Lawyer in Rochester MN such as the Anderson Law Firm may be able to negotiate a reasonable plea bargain for their client that can result in a significantly lighter sentence. In some cases, a plea bargain allows a defendant to serve their sentence on supervised probation while in the case of more serious crimes, the defendant may spend less time in prison in exchange for pleading guilty to a less serious charge.

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