Nursing Home Neglect Does Not Have To Happen Ever

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Lawyers

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The decision to place a loved one in a skilled nursing facility is not an easy one. It comes after much discussion with doctors and other health care professionals. Just as complicated is the decision to hire a caretaker to live with or take care of an elderly or disabled individual. While every situation starts off with the best of intentions, sometimes things can go horribly wrong with tragic consequences.

Nursing Home Neglect happens more often than people which to consider. The signs of neglect might be immediately noticeable or slowly accumulate over a period of time. What is most important is that this is not allowed to continue in any manner whatsoever.

The Law Offices Of Elan Wurtzel PC has been working on cases like these for over three decades. Elan Wurtzel is an attorney whose reputation on Long Island, New York is one of both compassion and action. Should you suspect that a loved one is not receiving the care they should or has suffered because of inadequate care, his offices are waiting to take your call. With a cost-free consultation, the facts of your case can be uncovered and brought up to date. With a lawyer on your side, a legal strategy can be given its fair chance.

If you believe that your loved one has been the victim of a personal injury while in a hospital, skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility, then visiting his web pages located online at should be mandatory. Here you can learn more about Mr. Wurtzel and how his legal team has helped countless others who found themselves in situations similar to yours.

When you contact a personal injury attorney like Elan Wurtzel, an important element of any case is the evidence that you have amassed. It is never inappropriate to bring photographs, medical records or other pieces of evidence to support your findings. When an elderly or ill person has been made to suffer unnecessarily, the court needs to learn of their abuse. As soon as you notice your parent or grandparent is the victim of neglect, you should make that phone call and discuss their case. The sooner you act, the faster their relief may begin.



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