Domestic Violence Lawyers In Cleveland, TN Can Help With This Very Serious Crime

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Lawyers

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Although most domestic violence occurs between a husband and wife. Domestic violence is an act of violence between an intimate or family relationship. A conviction of a criminal domestic violence charge can result in jail time, fines, and a permanent criminal record. A charge of domestic violence can occur between parents, step-parents, roommates or anyone that is living in the same home. Domestic violence is taken very seriously today by the court system to prevent further harm to a victim and to punish the accused. Domestic violence lawyers in Cleveland, TN should be contacted when someone’s been charged with this type of crime to protect their rights.

In some domestic violence cases, an accusation will be made against a spouse in order to gain leverage during a divorce proceeding. If there are children involved, the accused may be unable to see their children without supervision and may be evicted from the residence. Domestic violence can be willful intimidation, physical assault or a systematic pattern of abuse and power against another individual. It could include sexual violence, threats, or emotional abuse. The violence may begin as subtle gestures and escalate into a full assault of a victim. The victim could be of any age.

Domestic violence lawyers in Cleveland, TN will fight hard for someone’s rights when they’ve been falsely accused. Someone’s life and employment status can be altered forever if they’re found guilty of a domestic violence charge. They will have a protection order issued against them, which prohibits them from being near the accuser and possibly their children. The fallout from a conviction can literally ruin someone’s life. If they enjoy hunting, they will not be able to own or buy a gun again. The far-reaching and long-last effects are terrible and an attorney is needed to fight this type of charge.

Don’t sit idly by and not obtain the legal help that is needed to fight a domestic violence case. Don’t try to represent yourself in court against these types of charges. When you’ve been accused of this type of crime, immediately contact Chancey-Kanavos to begin building a case to defend yourself and your future.

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