Examples of Unusual Cases That Could Be Handled by a Personal Injury Attorney in Charleston SC

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Lawyers

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A personal injury attorney in Charleston SC typically handles many cases involving clients who were seriously hurt in vehicle collisions, slip and fall incidents, and workplace accidents not covered by workers’ compensation benefits. They also represent clients who have been bitten by dogs and suffered from medical malpractice. Most of the cases in each category are similar to a large extent. However, some personal injury cases are rather unusual.

Building Structural Failure

An example of an uncommon case handled by a personal injury attorney in Charleston SC would be one where part of a structure fails and causes harm to someone. A person leaning against a balcony railing, for instance, has the right to expect that railing to hold steady. If it collapses, the individual can fall and get seriously hurt.

Wasp Stings

Being stung multiple times by wasps can land someone in the hospital and require emergency treatment. Can the individual file a lawsuit against the property owner? It has been done as recently as 2018 when a woman in this situation sued a golf course.

Certain factors must apply for this type of suit to be successful. For instance, the property owner must have known about the nest of wasps on the property or should have been expected to know. Especially in this particular circumstance, groundskeepers must take note of any nest-building activity by stinging insects so the problem can be eliminated promptly.

Vehicle Incidents

Collisions between vehicles are Vehicle Incidentscommon, and these cases are often handled by a law firm. Sometimes, the situation is a bit more unusual. For example, a person might be exiting a municipal bus when the bus is struck from behind by another vehicle, causing the exiting person to fall from the stairs to the pavement.

Pedestrians and bicyclists can make settlement claims against insurers if struck by a car. Less commonly, pedestrians can be seriously injured after being struck by a bicyclist or motorcyclist. They can file a claim against the motorcyclist’s insurer, but the situation becomes more complicated if they are struck by a bicyclist. Anyone needing legal assistance can set up a consultation at the earliest convenience. Click here to know more.

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