Four Common Reasons for Social Security Disability Claim Denial

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Attorney

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Millions of Americans apply for Social Security disability every year. Of those applications, only about 30 percent are initially approved. Why are so many claims denied? The reasons for denial vary from one request to another, but here are the most common scenarios.

Insufficient Evidence

Many disability claims are denied because of a lack of medical documentation. When trying to qualify for benefits, you’ll have to prove that you can’t work because of your condition. You and your Social Security lawyer in Maryville must verify through medical records that your condition has prevented you from performing work activities. Because of this, it’s crucial to discuss the disability’s effects on your work life with your doctor.

Past Denials

Many believe that filing a new claim is better than appealing one that’s been denied, but this isn’t true. In some cases, claims are denied when the reviewer sees that a person has previously applied and received a denial. It’s essential to go through the appeals process as opposed to starting a new claim.


This applies only to those seeking SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefits. Your income is irrelevant when applying for Social Security Disability Income. However, if you’re working and earning over $880 a month, your claim may be denied.

Failure to Follow Through With Treatment

If you don’t follow your doctor’s prescribed treatment plan, the SSA will deny your disability claim. The SSA’s examiner won’t be able to accurately assess whether your physical condition prevents you from working if you refuse to follow a treatment schedule. Though you may have a valid reason not to develop the plan, you’ll need assistance from a Social Security lawyer in Maryville if you want to document those reasons.

By keeping these tips in mind when applying for benefits, you’re more likely to be in that lucky 30 percent of approved applicants. Visit us at or call the Law Office of Miller Drozdowski to schedule an appointment.

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