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Getting Divorced? Contact The Lee Law Firm PLLC Dallas to Help You Get Custody of Your Children

Family courts around the country have begun to recognize the part fathers play in their children’s lives. If you are a father who has a strong bond with your children and you want to preserve it after your divorce, it is important to choose a lawyer who can protect your parental rights and help you fight for custody of your minor children.

Most custody decisions are made by the parents. Family courts concede that the parents of minor children know them best and are the best people to make long-term decisions for them. Unfortunately, parents are sometimes unable to agree on where their children will live after a divorce and in these cases, the judge has to make a ruling.

The judge may order the parents to work with a mediator to try to come to an agreement. Many times, parents are able to compromise for the sake of their children with the help of a mediator. Unfortunately, though, some parents are still unable to agree and the judge has to make a ruling. When a family court judge determines which parent should be the primary custodian of young children, a lot of factors are taken into consideration.

Family court judges often request reports from trained custody investigators. These social workers interview the parents and the children and make a recommendation to the court. When fathers need to prepare for a custody investigation, they can turn to their attorney for guidance. When they choose the Lee Law Firm Dallas parents can expect to receive the best guidance available for their custody case.

By working with The Lee Law Firm PLLC Dallas fathers can get all of the information they need about their options for custody and parenting time. Standard visitation agreements no longer only give noncustodial parents time with their children every other weekend. If you aren’t awarded full custody of your children, you may still get a liberal parenting time arrangement so you can spend time with them regularly.

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