How to Avoid Hindering the Defense Presented by a DWI Defense Law Attorney in St. Charles, MO

by | May 10, 2017 | Attorney

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Regardless of if it is a person’s first DWI or their third, they still have the right to secure representation from a DWI defense law attorney in St. Charles, MO. After all, these legal professionals understand how to protect the rights of their clients. The deeper a person’s criminal record goes, the more difficult it can be to acquire employment or have a successful life down the road. As a lawyer works to build a defense for a person, the client should be willing to help by not sabotaging their case the following ways.

Driving While Their License Is Suspended

If a person is pulled over and fails the breathalyzer test, they are probably going to lose their license right then. When the individual is waiting to have their case tried or settled, the worse thing they could possibly do is driving with a revoked or suspendeda license. If a person loses their license because of a DWI charge, they must avoid driving.

Venting About the Case on Social Media

In the modern world, everyone relies on social media to vent about their problems and dislikes. However, the last thing a person should do facing DWI charges is talk about it on social media. Chances are, the DWI defense law attorney in St. Charles, MO hired will make sure this point is abundantly clear. Anything posted on these forums is public and can be used by the prosecution in the case. Avoid this by simply staying off social media until the case is settled.

Ignoring Their Court Date

If a person is provided with a court date and doesn’t show up, the judge may decide to issue a bench warrant to have them arrested. While waiting for trial, the person may have to remain behind bars just for missing their court date.

Being charged with a DWI is serious. A person facing these charges needs to utilize the services of an attorney to ensure they have proper representation. Contact us to learn more about legal representation and how to avoid hurting a DWI case.

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