Talk to an Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney about Your Legal Rights

by | May 11, 2017 | Attorney

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While it is considered against the law to commit assault and battery against another person, it can turn into a much more serious case if these offenses occur within a family. Most locales in the state of California require jail time for these types of cases, even if the case involves a first offense.

Why It Is Important to Speak to a DV Attorney

Although it is important to solidly prosecute a violator for this type of crime, sometimes people do get wrongly accused in these kinds of cases. False allegations do arise, at times, due to anger or jealousy. That is why a domestic violence attorney must be well-experienced in these types of cases. He or she must know how to investigate a case so that the facts speak for themselves. In the case of legitimate domestic abuse, a lawyer can often present a case so it is handled equitably to support the victim’s rights.

Speak to Someone Who Is Well-versed in Family Law

So, if you are requesting help from a domestic violence attorney, make sure that he or she is well-experienced in the field of family law. Besides the area of domestic violence, this type of law also covers child custody, divorce, enforcement orders, child and spousal support, parental rights, and visitation.

An Example of DV Legislation

In the state of California, domestic violence legislation makes it a crime to use threats or physical force against a partner. This type of assault is most often seen in domestic violence cases. For example, Penal Code 273.5 makes it a crime to inflict an injury that leads to trauma. This type of crime is committed when an individual strikes his or her partner and causes an obvious injury. The law still applies if the injury results in slight bruising or swelling. The code also makes no distinction of the status of the victim, or whether he or she is a former or current partner.

Whom to Contact

You can learn more about your rights under domestic violence law by speaking to a committed family lawyer, such as Michael D. Shook. Contact the law firm in Torrance, CA at 310-232-6658. Know your rights and make sure they are enforced by contacting and obtaining help from a domestic violence specialist. Connect with them on Facebook for more information!

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