Just Three of the Many Types of Injuries That Require the Expertise of a Personal Injury Law Firm in University Place

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Sustaining an injury can have both immediate and long-term side effects, and it can make it nearly impossible for a person to be able to put the pieces of their life back together. When disaster strikes and an injury occurs due to the fault of another, it is essential to contact a personal injury law firm in University Place, as they will be able to provide expert guidance through the process and will fight to get the injured person the restitution they deserve. Here is a look at just three of the many types of injury cases that should be handled by an attorney.

Animal Attacks

When an individual owns an animal, they take full responsibility for that animal’s actions. They can be held responsible for helping the injured party with medical bills and for providing them with compensation for pain and suffering. An attorney can examine the facts of an animal attack case and determine if the individual was indeed negligent. Once established, they can then proceed with the case and, if necessary, sue the person to take responsibility for their lack of oversight.

Slip and Fall

Businesses are required to keep their establishments safe for customers, and if they are irresponsible and cause someone to be injured, they may be responsible for any medical charges that result. What may look like surface injuries can have long-term effects, and leave a person with physical impairments. Let an attorney fight to get the inured person the money they deserve, so they regain control of their life after an accident.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors must provide their patients with the best care possible, and if they fail to do so, they can be found guilty of malpractice. Whether it is a botched surgery or an oversight when diagnosing a patient, the result can be pain and anguish for the injured person. Let a personal injury law firm in University Place represent the injured party and hold the doctor responsible for their negligence.

Nothing can cause a person’s life to be thrown into disarray like sustaining a personal injury. Fortunately, the Candoo Law Firm offers guidance through every step of the process and will fight to get their clients the restitution they need to restore their life. Visit website to learn more and take the first step in restoring normalcy.


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