Protect Your Rights By Hiring an Experienced DWI Lawyer in Salisbury MD

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Lawyers

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When you don’t have much experience with the criminal justice system, it’s easy to get confused and admit to doing something you wouldn’t be convicted of if your case went to trial. There are plenty of jailhouse lawyers that will gladly give you advice and just as many people who have also been charged with drunk driving. Instead of listening to those people and possibly making the wrong decision, hire a DWI lawyer in Salisbury, MD to defend you against your drunk driving charges.

It is important that you understand your rights before you make a plea in a DWI case. A lawyer can evaluate the evidence against you give you sound legal advice. You do not have to prove you are innocent in a criminal case. The prosecutor must prove you are guilty. However, most DWI cases never go to trial because the defendant either pleads guilty at the arraignment or accepts a plea agreement before the case is heard by a judge. After reviewing your case and talking to the prosecutor, your attorney will be better able to talk to you about your options.

In addition to the hearings you’ll have in criminal court, you also have a right to a hearing regarding the status of your driver’s license. If you refused the blood alcohol testing at the time of your arrest, the law says that you are required to install an ignition interlock device on your car. Defendants who took the test and blew over the legal limit may be subject to a mandatory suspension of their driver’s license. A DWI Lawyer in Salisbury MD can advice you of your rights.

You are entitled to a hearing with the Motor Vehicle Administration to request special driving privileges to work. There are specific time limits for scheduling these hearing and your lawyer can ensure you meet the deadline so you can present your case. Your attorney may also help you prepare your statement and accompany you to the hearing. Visit Domain for more information about how an attorney can help you protect your rights in a DWI case.

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