Rely on Car Accident Lawyers in Wichita to Assist with Recovering Lawsuit Winnings

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Lawyers

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Society seems to become increasingly short-tempered and ready to argue any legal dispute. Combine this with a loss or injury due to the fault of another person and this is civil litigation in the making. If you are involved in an accident headed to court retain a car accident lawyers in Wichita to assist you. Contact the Other side to Pay Winning the lawsuit is just half of the action, with the other half involving collecting payment. The Association of Trial Lawyers in America state over $233 billion is the yearly costs of civil lawsuits. How many of these are paid without pursuing the other party? Many parties involved in the lawsuit are never paid without making a continual effort to do so.

Begin Seeking Payment with Easy Assets

The animosity between disputing legal parties often leads to hard feelings and lack of desire to work together, regardless of how nicely you ask. You may be required to contact an attorney and garnish the wages owed to you. This may involve taking money from bank accounts to secure payment.

The average awarded payment of a civil lawsuit may be as high as $50,000.00 for the winning party according to the Association of Trial Lawyers in America. This money may need additional legal counsel in order to be received.

Consider Settling for Less

No one wants to take less than he or she is owed and this is certainly true in a won legal battle, but this may be your only option. Try to arrange an agreement with the loser of the lawsuit and consider taking less money for your compensation.

Hire a Collection Agency

One sure fire way to collect what is rightfully yours is by hiring a collection agency. This is sure to motivate the other party and get some payment plan underway.
Listed below are ways a collection agency may motivate the person to pay you:

1. Phone calls from the agency demanding payment be made.

2. Threats of taking the compensation for your wages or bank account.

3. Issuing a lawsuit for unpaid compensation owed to the other party involved.

Finally, if all else fails and your money is not paid in a timely manner you may need the services of Prochaska Giroux and Howell LLC to assist you in collecting your legal payment. Contact Prochaska Giroux and Howell LLC today for a free case evaluations.

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