Selecting a Disability Attorney in Oklahoma City, OK

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Attorney

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A disability attorney in Oklahoma City, OK is often necessary for people to get approval for disability benefits when a medical condition or an injury renders them unable to work. The initial denial rate for benefits in 2015 was sixty-seven percent, according to the Social Security Administration records. If an application is denied, people have a sixty-day time limit to appeal the decision. That does not leave a lot of time to build a case. An initial free consultation with an attorney before applying for benefits may improve chances for the approval, so select one that does not require a denial as a prerequisite for taking the case.

The social security disability system is complicated, so selecting a disability attorney in Oklahoma City, OK with years of experience is wise. Some attorneys include disability law as part of their practice, while others focus solely on disability cases. This provides an advantage because those who focus on disability know how to navigate the system, have had experience in representing people at hearings and in federal court, and is familiar with the medical documentation necessary to get approvals. Approval can take up to three years to receive, which can place people in financial hardship. Do not wait until that is the situation before seeking help; select an attorney who requires no money to begin working on the case. Many will collect fees only if benefits are approved. At that point, a percentage of the past-due amount is used to pay the attorney.

There are some important things to keep in mind when applying for benefits. First, disability benefits are funded through payroll taxes, so the amount received is based on how much people have paid into the system, and when they last worked. If the disability is not expected to last at least one year, or is not severe enough to keep people from working, benefits will be denied. People who receive benefits are expected to continue with any medical treatments designed to improve the condition, so failure to do so may result in benefits being rescinded. An ongoing addiction to drugs or alcohol will preclude benefit approval. There are many other things to consider before applying for benefits, so people can visit for a free book regarding disability benefits.

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