Something to Alleviate Your Stress & Pains – Divorce Law in Scranton, PA

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Divorce Attorney

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One of the most stressful times in your adulthood life will be if you need a divorce. Though we’re taught that love is incredible and that it stands true, that doesn’t mean it lasts forever. The same goes for your marriage.

If it’s time to separate, you may be feeling a mixture of depression and relief. You’re in no mind state to separate your personal vendetta and the law. That’s when hiring a great divorce lawyer is your only solution.

Legal Experience

A divorce lawyer with years of legal experience in divorce law in Scranton, PA is what you need to get through your separation process. From a distinguished background and knowledge of divorce law, your lawyer can help you figure out the financial aspects of your separation and negotiate the custody of any children you and your spouse may have.

Good Listeners

Despite the stereotype of stone-faced lawyers, many lawyers specializing in divorce law understand that this is a time of fear and hurt for you and your family. Divorce lawyers make it their priority to help alleviate some of that stress by crafting you the best case in your defense. Good listeners are what you need during this time more than anything else, so don’t stop your search at legal experience. Make sure that your divorce lawyer is also an expert in human emotions and the power of a story, because both of those will help defend your case to a judge if needed.

John T. O’Malley, Attorney At Law, is a highly established divorce lawyer here to help you. He served as an assistant public defender for many years before diving into private practice, where he has successfully represented hundreds of clients. He should be your top choice when seeking an expert in divorce law.

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