Steps and Questions in Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Suffolk County NY

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Lawyers

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Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Suffolk County NY is a very important step in finding the compensation you deserve because of someone else’s negligence. The process may seem simple, but it isn’t if you do not take the time to make it so. There is a lot of work that goes into choosing the right attorney and picking the wrong one could leave you with a verdict you don’t want to hear. For more information on how hiring a lawyer can benefit you, continue reading.

Steps in hiring an attorney

*  Call the law office. After finding a lawyer, look at several things: The number advertised – is it a 24-hour service? If so, is it a recording or is it a staff member? Everything can be acceptable, you should seek to speak with the lawyer within a certain time. Many people’s feeling is that a lawyer who practices injury law should recognize that potential customers are demanding, often severely traumatized, often confused and in need of solid advice. Therefore, the attorney must be available when a potential customer calls.
*  How many years has the lawyer practiced law? You need someone with vast experience. What is their workload percentage consisting of personal injury cases? It should 50% or more. Does the lawyer go to court regularly and try cases related to personal injury matters? The only answer you should be looking for here is “Yes”.

*  Is the lawyer accessible? Get a firm commitment that you will be able to talk to the Personal Injury Attorney in Suffolk County NY, if desired, within a sensible time, whenever you want. You must promise to have respect for off-hours privacy, although you should still ask the lawyer to give you a phone number in case of an emergency.

Another thing to consider is how the money will be handled? This is the main reason you’re hiring a lawyer. Think about it. A mechanic will fix your car, right? A doctor will return you to good health, right? Of course, you should ask. A lawyer will help you get compensation from the insurance company to help you pay for what you are going through!

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