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The Importance of Calling an Auto Accidents Law firm in Towson, MD

If a driver in Maryland is injured in an automobile accident, three options are available: drivers can file their own insurance, they can make a claim against the other driver’s insurance, or they can take it to court. If the driver chooses to take the matter to court, they would be wise to do so under counsel. An auto accidents law firm in Towson, MD is available to help clients who opt to take their case to court. Here are some things that should be known about pursuing an auto accident lawsuit in Maryland.

Understanding Car Accident Law in Maryland

When someone wants to file a car accident lawsuit in Maryland, it must be proved that the other driver is clearly at fault, otherwise, problems will ensue. One problem that will occur is that the other driver can file a claim called contributory negligence which means that if the injured driver is shown to be any part at fault, no damages will be awarded in the case, no matter how bad the injury is. It is important for the injured driver to try to stop this from happening.

More About Car Accident Law in Maryland

The party who is suing must also keep in mind that Maryland has a three-year statute of limitations for all personal injury cases, including car accidents. If the case is not filed in that time period, it most likely will not be heard and no damages will be able to be awarded from a lawsuit. Also, if the other party is a state agency, the injured party must file a formal claim with the state within one year of the accident.

Who to Call in Towson, Maryland for Representation

The decision to sue has been made, and now the injured party needs to find a good attorney who has a proven track record in successfully litigating auto accident cases. The Law Offices of Markey & Orsi is a law firm that has been representing clients involved in auto accidents in Towson, Maryland. Anyone who wishes to consult with an auto accidents law firm in Towson, MD can contact this law firm. More information can be found at.

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