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The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Family Law Attorney in Spokane

One of the most important aspects of family law is determining what happens to minor children when the parents are divorcing. A divorce can be very different on the couple, but it can be devastating for children. They may even blame themselves for the separation and divorce, even though they have absolutely nothing to do with their parents’ issues. During a divorce, the decision about who gets custody of the children should be determined by what will be best for the children and not what is best for the parents.

A Family Law Attorney Spokane WA that is handling a divorce where minor children are involved is required to draft a plan for custody and visitation called a Parenting Plan. The Parenting Plan is a document that takes the parents’ work schedules, the parenting abilities of each spouse and the best interests of the children. The plan has to be thoroughly discussed and written clearly, because once it is set in place, it cannot be modified without going to court. The document should also name a primary parent because if custody disputes arise, the court will refer to the plan when deciding the appropriate actions to take. To know more, click here.

Sometimes, determining what is in the best interests of the minor children may include getting opinions from outside parties, such as a therapist or a child psychologist. If the input of one of these professionals is required, their opinion should be attained before the Parenting Plan is created. Once a plan is drafted, it cannot be modified easily, so it should be as accurate as possible from the outset. An experienced Family Law Attorney Spokane WA can be found at, which is a practice that has been helping couples decide the best interests of their children for Spokane residents for several years. Making the decision to divorce isn’t easy on anyone, but it can be especially difficult on the children who involved. With the help of a good family attorney, the best interests of the children can be protected and the divorce process made easier for them to understand and get through with their parents.

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