Understanding Patent Registration in UAE

by | May 18, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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When you’ve developed a product or idea, it’s important that you register for a patent as quickly as possible. This will prevent people from being able to steal or replicate your idea without legal ramification. In order to stop others from profiting from your hard work, you should register for a patent right away.

Understanding patent registration in the United Arab Emirates can be easy since the process is typically simple and not too difficult to achieve. The basics for patent registration in UAE are listed below so that you can get started with your patent quickly and efficiently.

Filing Patent Documents

The United Arab Emirates requires specific information within a patent application, which includes the following:

  • Personal and financial information about the applicant and author of the patent application
  • Official request to grant a patent
  • English and Arabic specifications, claimed in both languages, including notes, drawings, and abstracts
  • Certified copies of all documents

After the documents are fulfilled and submitted, there are other requirements which must be met in order for the patent to be granted.

Filing Terms and Power of Attorney

The typical patent application must be submitted and filed within 12 months of claiming the priority. This is a standard requirement regardless of the type of patent being claimed. There is also a Power of Attorney requirement, which must be filed within 90 days or 3 months of the date the patent application is filed.

Additional Requirements

There are a few official requirements and documents that will be asked of the applicant by the UAE. Since there is no grace period for patent applications, it is important that all requirements are met as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Additional required documents include:

  • Deed of assignment from certified investors of the applicant
  • A certificate of the incorporation of items associated with the patent application, if the applicant is a corporation or company
  • Legalisation documents with the UAE Consulate

In addition, there must be a grant and maintenance fee paid upon the filing of the application. The application fees themselves may be discussed with a reliable patent attorney.

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