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What Emotional Problems Can Qualify Me for Social Security Disability?

Millions of American’s find themselves facing difficulties working and earning a living due to emotional, mental and psychological disabilities ever year. When you find yourself in this situation, applying for social security disability benefits can provide the difference between a stable life and a difficult existence. However, it is important to know which of these issues will potentially qualify you for these valuable benefits.

To help our readers out, we have put this article together to detail some of the disabilities that SSA covers, as well as other information you will need to know to successfully gain these valuable benefits. The following mental/psychological/emotional disabilities can potentially qualify you for social security disability benefits:

*  Personality Disorders
*  Anxiety Disorders
*  Depression
*  Bipolar Disorder
*  Somatoform Disorders
*  Developmental Disabilities
*  Schizophrenia
*  Autism
*  OCD

Similar to the process for physical disabilities, there are a few primary things social security will look at in determining whether or not to award you social security disability benefits. Firstly, they will determine the severity of your disability. You will need to have currently suffered from your disability for up to a year, or have medical proof that it is expected to last for at least a year.

Next your residual functional capacity will be determined. You will need to show that your ability to work more than 2 hours at a time is severely impaired by your disability, making it difficult for you to gain meaningful and consistent income on your own. Additionally, your current assets will have to be quite low.

If you have limited work experience/other job qualifications, your ability to find work in any position can be difficult, and the SSA will take this into account. Ultimately, the SSA will be looking at every area that affects your ability to work in a position that can earn you a livable income.

Having a talented attorney to guide you through this process is imperative to your ability to successfully gain disability benefits. A knowledgeable and experienced disability lawyer will help you stay one step ahead of the process. Thankfully, the James Mitchell Brown team provides the best disability lawyer services in the Cleveland area. We will dedicate ourselves to ensuring you receive the benefits that will allow you to function day-to-day while being mentally/emotionally/psychologically disabled. Call now to set up a free consultation, and being your path towards a stable life.

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