What You Can Do to Help Your Houston Defense Attorney Win Your DWI Case

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Law

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When you’re facing DWI charges, one of the first actions you should take is to hire a DWI defense attorney in Houston. In fact, you should hire a lawyer as early in this process as possible since they can help you protect your rights. Even though your lawyer will be responsible for defending you against these charges, it’s important to know there are things you can do that will also affect the outcome of your case.

Don’t Resist the Police

If the police advise you that they will be taking you into custody, don’t resist their attempts to arrest you. At the very least, resisting detainment will result in additional charges being applied to your case. Resisting arrest can also lead to a more violent altercation that could put your safety and your life at a greater risk.

Remain Silent

There is certain information you’re required to supply when the police are questioning you. This includes your name and address, which is why they will ask for your driver’s license. Other than complying with that request, you’re not obligated to answer any questions. It’s better to remain silent until you do talk to a lawyer.

Avoid Discussing Your Case

Other than private consultations with your DWI defense attorney in Houston, you should avoid talking about your case with anyone. You never know who will overhear your conversation. You should also avoid posting about your case on your social media accounts. This includes posting pictures online or discussing the circumstances that led to the incident. Anything can be taken out of context by the prosecution. If you are facing DWI charges, schedule a consultation with the Law Offices Of Jesse Hernandez today.

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