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When Would a Person Hire a PIP Claim Lawyer in Tampa, Florida

What does a PIP claim lawyer in Tampa do? That’s a question that many people ask because they’re unfamiliar with the term “PIP.” A PIP lawyer is a personal injury protection lawyer. People hire these attorneys to help them file PIP insurance claims. Here is how this kind of lawyer helps their clients.

Get Compensation for Medical Bills

It’s unfortunate, but there are situations when PIP insurance refuses to pay for medical expenses. When this happens, it puts the injured person at a disadvantage and prevents further treatments for a faster and fuller recovery. PIP attorneys help their clients navigate these obstacles and get the compensation they’re entitled to for medical payments.

Facilitate Faster Settlements

Insurance companies are notorious for dragging out the claims process. They require a lot of paperwork and give people the runaround. After a while, it gets exhausting and some people give up and settle for less than what they’re owed. After all, something is better than nothing, right?

Not at all. PIP claim lawyers want people to know they have options. They work hard for their clients to make sure every single cent owed to them is paid out. Often, having an attorney in one’s corner not only gets faster settlements, but the case is less likely to go to court. Lawyers are excellent negotiators and know how to get these kinds of cases settled faster.

When Is the Best Time to Hire a PIP Lawyer?

It’s always best to hire a PIP claim lawyer in Tampa as soon as possible, preferably before the claim is filed. For more information about PIP insurance assistance, contact Shuster & Saben LLC, online at

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