Why Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney in Tulsa OK?

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Legal Services

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When assessing the existence of disability or incapacity, what matters most is the functional status of the worker, and the demands or requirements of their work activities. In purely medical terms, what comes to value is not a disease in the abstract, but the manner and extent to which it affects the functional capacity of the worker. There are several mechanisms by which a health problem, disorder, illness or injury, may influence the ability to work:

1. Specific deficiencies

2. : no disease or injury that may result at the local or regional level, or selectively affect one or more of the functional capabilities of the person. The existence of disability is directly dependent on the characteristics and requirements of the job.

3. Involvement of a condition with or without bed rest

4. : in this case the potential for work does not depend on the job, but in principle, and subject to exceptions, reverberates around all work activity. Often diseases present with significant systemic illnesses and therefore the first condition evolves towards a partial improvement. In these situations, the

5. Social Security Disability Attorney in Tulsa OK

6. must reassess the need for temporary disability, depending on specific conditions or requirements of the job.

7. Possible conditioning treatment effects or events associated with the diagnosis and / or treatment

8. : this does not occur with generic conditioning, but occasionally, the specific circumstances of the job are evaluated.

Meaning of disability or incapacity
The invalidity, as functional limitation, is protected in the Social Security system in two ways, contributory or non-contributory, as noted or for valuation performing a professional activity. The invalidity under the contribution regime is called permanent disability.

Concept of disability or incapacity
Permanent disability determines that the worker, after having been subjected to the prescribed treatment, has a reduced or completely diminished work capacity. Moreover, such qualifications do not preclude the possibility of recovery in labor capacities of disabled persons if such possibility is medically considered as uncertain or long term. Also permanent disability considers that the situation of incapacity subsists once the maximum duration of temporary disability is over. All of this may seem very technical and hard to understand. That is why hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney in Tulsa OK is important. Contact your local attorney or click here for more information.


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