Wills, Estates And Trusts in Huntersville, NC Can Determine the Last Wishes of an Individual

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Lawyers

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Planning for the future after life on Earth has ended may be an uncomfortable task. The importance of establishing wills, estates & trusts in Huntersville, NC is to determine what will occur in the event of illness, injury or death of an individual. Proper planning eliminates the need for spouses, children, relatives or associates to fight over assets or bill payment when the individual is no longer able to make those decisions. Clearly defined legal documents permit an executor of a will to follow through with the wishes of the deceased individual.

In North Carolina, a will cannot remove all assets from a spouse. If an individual has children that they do not wish to leave any assets to, the children can be denied any access to assets in a will. If a child is a minor or physically unable to care for themselves, a trust can be designed to pay various bills for care of the child until they reach adulthood or until the money is exhausted. Trusts must be carefully designed with the resources in order to have the money last as long as possible. Speaking with an attorney who is experienced with wills, estates and trusts in Huntersville, NC will resolve any questions and concerns. They can legally establish the correct legal documents in the event of a life altering situation or death.

Before visiting an attorney, it’s important to decide who would be a good executor. Someone that istrustworthy is usually a good choice. It’s also recommended that several back up executors be chosen in case the first choice of an executor is unable to carry out their duties. If an individual does not have a will, the court will determine how assets are divided under the laws of the state. Proper planning for the future requires a visit to an experienced attorney so the assets that were worked so hard for can be given to the people the individual loves or is concerned about. For more information about wills, trusts or estates, visit website URL.

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