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yryyA Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia Can Get You Just Compensation for Your Accident Burdens

An injury of any kind caused by the negligence of another person can be overwhelming. Watching the medical costs pile up and worrying about your family when you have lost your income is a terrible burden. You may be suffering with severe pain and you may be confined to a hospital bed. Regardless of your condition, you are entitled to just compensation for all of your expenses, lost income and pain and suffering. You may also need to get your vehicle repaired or get a new vehicle.

The Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia can take many burdens off of your shoulders and handle them so that you do not have to worry about them. He will deal with the insurance company, and you should not talk with the other driver’s insurance company or anyone asking questions about the accident. Simply refer them to your attorney.

Your attorney will collect all of the evidence available pertaining to the accident. If another car was involved, he will have a qualified person inspect the car for mechanical defects, bald tires and bad brakes. If the car has some dents in the sheet metal, this would indicate that the driver is careless. The attorney will conduct a background check of the driver to determine if he has caused other accidents or if he has DUIs or reckless driving charges in his past driving record.

The attorney will talk with the investigating police officers to obtain more information than may be in the police report. He will interview EMS personnel if they were called to the scene. He will also obtain the records from the ER to determine your condition when you were brought in. He will use this information to establish the pain and suffering you experienced immediately after the accident.

Your ongoing medical treatment will be monitored by the Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia so he can assess the extent of your injuries and the treatment required to restore you to your normal activities. He will ask for your prognosis for returning to a normal life and to work.

After he has assessed all of the information he has collected, he will prepare a settlement proposal for presentation to the other party including their insurance company. If the proposal is rejected, the your attorney will be prepared to take the case to court where Sadler Ladenburg Olympia can help answer questions..

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